Universal Fallout [noun]:
Being both dust in a vacuum and the whole, entire Universe all at the same time.

Latter Day Saint and Politique Queen conceived Universal Fallout in 2010 to reverberate consciousness elevating vocals and musical healing frequencies throughout the Universe. ​

The electronic bass music influences of producer and DJ Latter Day Saint began in the after hours music scene of the 90s and his time spent at underground warehouse parties of LA. At the same time, soul poet songstress Politique Queen made her debut appearance in 2008 as
a professional performer and was quickly recognized for her edgy, thought provoking double time rapping and soulful singing.  ​
Their chemistry upon meeting in 2010 proved to be more than musical, as they both embarked upon a spiritual journey of
elevating their consciousness and awareness together. This swept a hybrid sound into their new fusion, electronic bass music production as Latter Day Saint discovered the sacred healing tones known as the Solfeggio Frequencies and began integrating them into their originally produced tracks.
Meanwhile, Politique Queen's vocal stories and lyrical message evolved from her personal story of freedom, from a confined mind to the physical reality manifestations of her dreams. 

The sounds of Universal Fallout cannot be pinned to a single genre however, as they constantly push the musical artistic threshold to do what many others are afraid to do: Confidently and fully explore our human experiences for newly born transmissions of calculated sound frequencies, waves and language - all while serving up a healthy chunk of honey booty bass, alien technology and heavy hitting vocals for that irresistible body thrusting therapy. Universal Fallout is currently performing across Western Canada when not traveling or in the studio producing their next original album.